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The world ends when you are dead, until then you got more punishment in store.
Stand it like a man, and give some back.
-Al Swearengen, S2E7

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This page was last updated on 01/03/08.
Recent update listing at bottom.

01/03/08   Happy new year!   I sorta fixed the navigation...more of a stopgap until I revamp the whole place.   It's high time I'm sure you'd agree. 

8/31/07 Accidentally broke my navigation today, Hopefully can get it back later this weekend. -Rus

August 2, 2007: 3 months...well, that's better than the 18 years I predicted.

Lena is growing so fast. It really is amazing watching her go from a little unaware creature to an alert and entertaining little person. The first months have been so fast, I imagine the next years are going to be a blur...but I think it'll be a fun blur!

I'll try to get a photoboard update this weekend as the requests have been piling up as have the snide comments...you know who you are.

On the news front: sunrocket, my voip provider went out of bizzyness so I was without home phone for a week or so. voip.com has since become my provider and all seems well in the world for the moment.

May 5, 2007: New pictures online! check the photoboard.

If you want to comment, you'll have to register. Too many bots out there that find open boards and fill 'em with spam, so sorry for the hassle. If you do register, use a name I know or drop me an email as I delete most requests from "2hot4free" (or worse) and anything from .info or .ru addresses.

April 30, 2007: Mary Lena was born 59 minutes before this picture yesterday evening. She was 8 pounds 4 ounces and 20.5 inches. Julie and Lena are doing well...more to come when I have time (16-18 years?)

January 29, 2007: Oklahoma had a huge ice storm a week or so ago as you likely heard. While most people whined and complained about it, I saw the positive side...

Yes that's me skating on my front yard, something I have wanted to do for almost 15 years now!

On other notes, I may, but doubt it, get something done on this page soonish. I'm working on a few other sites as part of my Master's degree so they are a bit more important. Other spare time is dedicated to getting he house ready for the future rugrat (around April 20 something) and playing my new Wii...the Wii is totally cool. DBZ is awesome and even the basic games made my Mom play a bit!

Until I get motivated...peace.


PS. If you shop online, try some of my links on the Favorite shops page. Some decent discounts and I get a kickback, so hook a brother up!

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